Q: Where is dirty Derrik from?

A: I come from a small, remote island that is often referred to as AUSTRALIA. You may have heard of it.

Q: Are all ingredients used in your product natural?

A: 100% all natural. You will not find any nasty chemicals, parabens or fillers. I only want the absolute best for you.

Q: Does dirty Derrik test on animals?

A: Is this one of those trick questions? Because the answer is NO!!

Purchasing, Shipping & Returns

Q: Where can I buy your product?

A: The secret is out! This is my address if you ever want to swing by again. Friends welcome of course. ONLINE ONLY.

Q: How can I contact you?

Straight to the point, I like it. Email me at Service.Dirtyderrik@gmail.com

Q: What countries do you ship to?

A: Worldwide baby!

Q: How much is shipping and how long will it take for the product to arrive?

A: FREE off course! See below for estimated delivery times.

United States of America

Service Delivery Time Cost
Standard Shipping2-5 business daysFREE
Express shipping 1-2 business days$5.00



Service Delivery Time Cost
Standard Shipping (Unregistered)5-7 business daysFREE
Express shipping 1-2 business days$5.50



Service Delivery Time Cost
Standard Shipping (Unregistered)4-14 business daysFREE
Standard Shipping (Registered)4-14 business days$2.50

Q: What methods of payment can I use?

A: I thought you would never ask. I understand that your privacy is of the utmost importance, so I have a few options available (your secret is safe with me). I accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express through PayPal.

Q: Once my payment is finalised, how long does it take for my order to be shipped?

A: Your order will be picked, packed and posted within 24 hours of receiving payment. I will warn you, some payment systems are a little slower than others and just like you and I, the postman is against working on weekends.

Expect to receive your tracking number within 72 hours from when you placed your order.

Q: Can I return a product if I’m not satisfied?

A: Woah! Slow down sugar! I can assure you this won’t be necessary. However, if for some reason our dynamic is tainted or if it simply doesn’t work out, click here to view my Return Policy.

Q: If I do not receive my order within the expected delivery times, what should I do?

A: Firstly, don’t sweat the small stuff. Once your order has been shipped you will receive a tracking number so you know exactly where your new favourite purchase is at all times. If for some unknown reason you did not receive your tracking number by email within 72 hours from when you placed your order, contact me at dirtyderriksales1@gmail.com

Useful Instructions

Q: What does your product do exactly?

A: Lets just say I am here to please. My sole purpose for creating this product is to enhance your natural beauty so you can be your radiant self all day every day. My perfect blend of natural ingredients will work to treat and protect your precious skin and assist in targeting dry areas, stretch marks, cellulite, psoriasis and problematic skin.

Q: What ingredients make up your product?

A: Click here for a description of each unique ingredient and find out how it will benefit your skin.

Q: How do I use your product to get the best results?

A: Lucky for you, I am all about convenience. Before your first encounter, be sure to test your compatibility, just for fun. If your skin is rather sensitive apply a small amount and leave for a few minutes then rinse, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Now the fun begins!! I strongly advise to follow my instructions to ensure your experience is an unforgettable one.

Step 1: Remove all clothing, jump into the shower and rinse off any dirt, sweat or make up. (Hot tip; Turn on the exhaust fan, things are about to steamy)

Step 2: While your skin is damp, take 1-2 handfuls of product and slowly massage in circular motions for a couple of minutes. (Warning: Stay in the shower if you want your bathroom to stay clean) Leave to dry for 5-10 minutes, while you relax and enjoy the irresistible aroma. Be patient, as the longer you leave the product to set the greater the results will be. (Trust me you will thank me later.)

Step 3: Once you are satisfied, rinse off thoroughly and take a moment to run your fingers up and down your silky smooth skin. Take a look at yourself in the mirror and say ‘I am one sexy human being!’ At this exact point you will also be thinking, Derrik where have you been all my life?

Step 4: Lets capture this moment, so it will never be forgotten. Share your experience @dirtyderrik

Schedule your mandatory scrub in 2-4 nights a week and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Q: Can I use your product on my face?

A: Sure! If you promise me you will massage a little slower and softer. Keep away from those alluring eyes of yours and fight the urge to consume those fine granules no matter how delicious they might smell.

Q: Can your product cause any allergic reaction if used?

A: A vast number of raw materials from many different suppliers and sources are used in the manufacturing process. It contains natural oils that may elicit an allergic response in highly sensitive individuals who react to legumes and nuts. I recommend chatting to your physician if you are unsure as consumer safety is of utmost concern to me. Seek medical assistance immediately if you suffer from an allergic reaction once product has been used.

Q: Where do I store your product?

A: Where there is no water and the temperature is nice and cool. Once opened, shelf life is approximately 1 month. Warning!! The aroma is addictive; therefore your daily coffee consumption may increase.

Q: Is your product safe to use whilst pregnant?

A: Just because you are creating a small human doesn’t mean you have to miss out on life’s simple pleasures. Always consult with your physician if you are unsure about using new products.

Q: Can I use your product if I have sensitive skin?

100% naturally derived ingredients = safe for those of you on the sensitive side. I recommend patch testing first, just to be on the safe side.

Q: Will your product fade my tattoo?

It will do quite the opposite actually. Exfoliating each week removes the build up of dead skin, which will keep your artwork looking fresh.