Stretch Marks

dirty Derrik vs Stretch MarksSo you’ve just brought a small human into this world
(which is awesome!).

Or, maybe you’ve gained or lost weight
at some point in your life.

Whatever the case, there’s a very good chance that with these changes, stretch marks revealed themselves.


And, I know that you can’t help but check them out (and not in a good way!) each time you look at yourself in the mirror.

What’s a girl to do?

Get down and dirty of course. My Cupuacu & Coconut Coffee scrub is made to help combat stretch marks, allowing YOU to put your most confident self forward.

Here’s why you and this scrub are about to be besties.

Cupuacu Fruit Oil

Oil from a fruit? That’s right, not all fruit is fat free. Cupuacu fruit oil is loaded with the good stuff – antioxidants, vitamins A, B, and C, along with five types of essential fatty acids.

What will these do for you?

Glad you asked.

The unique properties of this oil work to help increase your skin’s elasticity, which then means that it’ll resist the stretch mark process, which are essentially formed when the skin stretches beyond its capabilities.

Think of it like an elastic band. The stretchier the elastic band, the less the chances it’ll snap when you stretch it too far.

This oil will work in the same manner. The more elastic your skin is, the less risk you have of damage when it’s pulled in all directions (thanks to that growing baby, for instance).

Cold Pressed Organic Coconut Oil

Cold-pressed organic coconut oil is loaded with vitamin E, which is a key nutrient required in ridding yourself of scarring and stretch marks.

With this on your side, you’ll see their appearance diminishing with each and every use.

Try and you’ll see for yourself how powerful the right dose of vitamin E can be.

Vitamin E Oil

You’re going to get not just one oil, but three when you pick up my scrub. The added vitamin E oil is going to give you a double dose of vitamin E, ensuring that you see maximum results with each and every application.

Because baby, you deserve the best! This ultra-concentrated formula will work quickly no matter where your stretch marks happen to be.

Sea Salt

Finally, you can count on sea salt to compliment the natural oils in this product and keep you looking fine. Sea salt is Mother Nature’s exfoliator and will help to remove dry skin cells while boosting circulation.

As more blood flows to your skin cells, this will help to reduce the appearance of stretch marks as new supple and smooth skin is left in their spot.

With all of these ingredients working together, is it any wonder you’ll be looking your best in no time?

Make a date with your dirty Derrik scrub 3-4 times per week.

Soak up in a hot shower, apply the scrub, and relax those tired muscles of yours. With a little pampering and play time, you will be kissing those stretch marks good-bye!