4 Naturally Healthy Skin Care Tips From The Inside Out

April 14, 2016

Want to look truly beautiful? I’m talking so drop-dead gorgeous that you’ll have everyone’s head turning when you walk by?

If so, you must realize it’s an inside job. Just as while you can ‘fake it till you make it’, most people know true confidence when they see it. You need to find that within yourself first before others can.

Likewise with skin health, while top-notch products can certainly help keep you looking your best, they need a little help from the inside.

Meaning, what are you putting into your body to help ensure your outside looks as good as it can?

Darling, what you eat matters. I can’t express this enough.

So put away those mint cookies and let’s talk about how you can get gorgeous from the inside out.


Hydration: The Secret To Glowing Skin

If there’s one tip I can offer you, this would be it: hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Seriously though, you cannot get enough water.

While I prefer mine with a lemon in it, serve yours however you want.

Remember, while ‘fun’ adult beverages like that strawberry margarita you had over the weekend may make you feel good on the inside, they aren’t doing anything for how you look on the outside.

Pure water is best.


Citrus Is Best

Wondering what fruit to serve with breakfast? When in doubt, opt for citrus. Oranges and grapefruits are loaded with vitamin C, which is a critical nutrient that is required for proper rejuvenation of the skin.

Vitamin C will assist with collagen production, which can keep wrinkles and sagging at bay.

As your body can’t store this nutrient, it needs to be taken in on a daily basis in order for you to benefit.


Fall In Love With Omega-3’s

If there’s one fat you want to get into your diet plan, omega-3’s are it. Found in salmon, mackerel, and walnuts, this important fatty acid is needed to keep your skin looking its best.

It’ll help reduce inflammation in that beautiful body of yours, which can not only help get your skin looking its best, but also ensure everything else is functioning optimally.

Long story short, you want this fat!


Go Nuts Over Zinc

Zinc is another mineral that you’ll want to be loading up on in your daily diet. Found in many nuts such as almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, and pecans, zinc helps enhance the flow of blood throughout the body, ensuring your skin cells get the nutrients they need.

Did I mention that nuts taste great? (all varieties of course 😉 )

So there you have it sweetie. A few simple but highly effective diet tips you can start using immediately to improve how your skin looks from the inside out.

Get this in place along with the perfect product (ahem… my Cupuacu & Coconut Coffee scrub) and you will be shining in no time.

Derrik xo

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